About Street Photo Shooting


I am now totally lost in STREET PHOTOGRAPHING - showing the street life of people. Thinking a lot of what Street Photographing is to me - reading articles - getting inspired of other street photographers - take part in many SP groups in Internet .... learning .... enjoying .... living ... I shoot in Black & White .... and I go with the flow ...

To me it is important ...

  • it's public urban places 
  • it's people in my pictures 
  • it's (for me) unknown people 
  • that anyone can be photographed 
  • it's never arranged pictures 
  • to not interfere the situation 
  • to always show my camera 
  • show the life in streets by photographing people 
  • to think twice when taking pictures of children 
  • to like people but not always the situation 
  • to keep political text away from street photos (politics has another arena) 
  • to give the viewer opportunity for self-interpretation 
  • with a spirit to not humiliate or insult 
  • to show any kind of streetlife in my photos 
  • ... 

Welcome to my pages!

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